Paper stock

100% White

Bright white versatile card stock. When only the whitest white will do, opt for 100% white.

Featured paper for OriginalSuper TouchSpot RaisedSpot on3D Gold Foil and 3D Silver Foil cards:

  • With a very thin coating, our paper has a significantly higher bulk (1.15) than machine coated paper.
  • By the way the world's whitest coated paper by measurement with a CIE Whitness of 160.
  • Our paper is manufactured on one of the smallest paper machines in Europe. Only small machines are flexible enough to produce such a rough paper. At 400 gsm, the paper consists of two layers (duplexing). The product is of course FSC®-certified.

Black & white

Black & white card stock. Two layers of black covered by one layer of white. Back black design features a custom foil debossed print. We think white matt is the best, but you are welcome to choose from 6 other colors as well!

Featured paper for Black & White cards:

  • Uncoated, naturally textured Mohawk Superfine paper.
  • Your choice of 5 Foil colors or an embossed design.
  • 36pt paper, double thickness for extra impact.

Solid triple-layer

Solid triple-layer card stock. A subtle nod to design excellence, the insert layer contains a color of your choice (9 colors available).

Featured paper for PremiumLetterpress and Mini Me cards.

Our thickest, fanciest Business Cards. Three layers thick. Made from archival-quality Mohawk Superfine with its beautiful feel and uniformity (nothing prints better). And a pop of color right in the middle. Everything about our Premium Business Cards is designed to make people go "WOW":

  • Uncoated, naturally textured Mohawk Superfine paper.
  • Your choice of 8 seam colors.
  • 32pt paper, double thickness for extra impact.


Color of the insert layer in Premium & Mini Me business cards
Premium and Mini Me business cards are available with 9 different fill colors. Most of them have approximate CMYK values, but the pink and orange are nearly impossible to match with 4 color digital printing (CMYK):

  • Black (C0, M0, Y0, K100)
  • White (C0, M0, Y0, K0)
  • Red (approx. C25, M100, Y90, K30)
  • Blue (approx. C100, M15, Y5, K5)
  • Yellow (approx. C0, M8, Y66, K0)
  • Green (approx. C71, M0, Y72, K0)
  • Orange (very approx. C0, M55, Y84, K0)*
  • Pink (very, very approx. C0, M100, Y0, K0)*

*These are not exact matches, but the nearest possible CMYK value. Please note, the pink and orange are nearly florescent and not possible to be matched using 4 color printing technologies.

Eco Rough white

100% recycled card stock. A stunning white paper with an authentic touch. Sustainability never looked this good.

Featured paper for Go Green cards.

As the name suggests, is our premium super-rough paper produced from 100% post-consumer. The paper is manufactured using 100% wind-energy and is FSC® certified.

Because being an ecological company is the future.