Special finishes

Soft touch finish

These business cards are available on bright white versatile card stock 400grs with a soft-to-the-touch feeling:


Can I have round corners on my business cards?

Yes - if you fancy something a little different, our 'Rounded Corner' option may be just the ticket. A die-cutting technique ensures the best possible quality. We're pretty proud of them. The corners have a 6 mm radius.

How to add a special finish?

We have created an easy step-by-step guideline for all the INKO business cards. You can find them under the tab ‘Design Guidelines’ from each product. Or check file setup for a more detailed version.

Can I have colored edges on the INKO business cards?

Yes you can - we offer colored edges on Letterpress business cards and Black & White business cards, check out all the different colors here: