Five fabulous reasons you need an INKO business card in 2021


INKO business cards matter

What a year we just had! Like everyone in Europe, the INKO gang has been living online -- in lock-down, in semi-lock-down, masking, testing and social distancing for the greater good. And like you, we’ve had a bit of time on our hands. Time to think and try out new things…

We’ve had time to check out new techniques, designs and papers: new fluo and metallic inks, painted edges, 3D varnishes…you name it. In 2021, we’ll have a treasure chest of surprises waiting for you, including…

Our new HP Indigo 7900

As most of you know, INKO is much more than just a print shop. We know people still crave paper and stories and we try to get that unique angle into every single print job. So, we’ve taken the time to tune up some of the older presses and update the “playground” with some of the latest stuff, including our snazzy-new lightning-fast HP Indigo 7900 press.

Your masterpieces stand out in the crowd

And we’ve noticed that you have had the time to create some mini masterpieces as well. Just check out a few designs from the INKO community here. All things aside, 2021 is looking to be a great year for premium INKO business cards. Here’s why…

Here are our TOP five reasons why INKO business cards matter in 2021:

1) Make a great first impression

When it is time to get back and network in the flesh, make sure you make a great first impression -- literally – with an INKO letterpress business card. It doesn’t get more authentic than this. Letterpress is a printing technique that dates back to Gutenberg in the 15th century. (But let’s not forget that Christophe Plantin and his son-in-law Jan Moretus were printing up a storm in Antwerp in the late 1500s as well.) With Letterpress business cards, you not only see the print, but also feel debossed design elements. A mirrored relief of the design, also known as a 'cliché', is pressed into the paper and that tangible result is what makes Letterpress premium business cards super-special.


2) WOW! Stand out in the crowd

INKO cards are just different. They stand out in the crowd. We call it the “WOW!” factor, but everyone at INKO knows, we are still old-school quality-comes-first printers. Yes, we are globally minded. Yes, we are constantly innovating. Yes, we have a lab full of the latest printing gadgets, our trusty printing presses, and pallets full of card stock. But, even better, we have the INKO community: a group of like-minded designers, creative types, and paper addicts who collaborate with us to create unique, stunning and creative business cards of the highest quality. In other words, a wide selection of premium cards and tons of inspiration that lets your story stand out in a crowd.


3) Less is more

Sustainability. Stuffication. Or just plain old boredom…. We all found ourselves spending hours the last year sorting out old stuff and ridding ourselves of all that unused and unloved clutter. Why not keep embracing the less-is-more lifestyle with a tiny business card. Measuring 30 x 70 mm on a solid 600g paper stock, Mini Me business cards keep it simple: just your name and your number. What else do you really need?


4) Take the time to do it right

We won’t rush you through the process. And INKO cards are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. Not even close. Having trouble creating your perfect masterpiece? We’re here to help. Just reach out. Do you want something really really special? Something you can't find on our website. There is still a 99% chance that we can help you! Send your special request to

Or if you are stuck for inspiration (or maybe overwhelmed by choice), why not order a sample pack. We’ll ship it right over via snail mail. It’s packed with positive inspiration. We promise!


5) Ready for the real thing…

After a year or more of social distancing, WFH-ing (that’s working-from-home, by the way), e-schooling and Zoom cocktail parties, we are all looking forward to the real thing. Why not go over the top and opt for something tactile for your premium cards? INKO Super Touch business cards with a super touch finish. Just 23 euros and you’ll be more than ready for the real thing…

Well, that’s it for now. We promise we’ll try to blog a bit more during the coming months. But, in the meantime, from everyone at INKO,


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling.

The INKO team