We're INKO!

INKO means more than just a printshop. We love to grow, collaborate and create great things together with you.

Welcome to the playground!

Today, digital is the end-all-be-all. Or is it? People still like paper. People still tell stories. So why not combine the two? This is the heart and soul of what we do at INKO. We believe that even in our digital age, nothing tells a personal story better than a unique, stunning and creative business card – of the highest quality, of course.



Handing out an INKO business card is half the work done. When you are handing it out during brief social occasions or during the challenging peaks of business, no matter what, they got you covered. And when you come a little short on fuel for discussion, the business card itself will rise and shine.


Creating a business card that’s a mini-masterpiece is much more than just a simple printing job. We aim to spoil you with choice: a wide selection of innovative, colorful and quality card stock; the perfect mix of modern-day and old-world printing techniques; sustainable and eco ink and paper options and sizes, shapes and sheens galore...

May we proudly present to you our latest investment: HP Indigo 7900

Our HP Indigo 7900 is a lightning fast automated sheet-fed press that enables us to deliver even more beautiful printed matter. What's more: it allows us to further optimize the balance between price, delivery time, durability and quality, so that we can help you even better.


At our core, we are still old-school quality-comes-first printers. Yes we are globally minded. Yes, we are constantly innovating. Yes, we have a lab full of the latest printing gadgets, our trusty printing presses, and pallets full of card stock. But, even better, we have the INKO community: a group of like-minded designers, creative types, and paper addicts who collaborate with us to create unique, stunning and creative business cards of the highest quality. In other words, cards that let your story stand out in a crowd.

The brains

This is Jesse, also known as the head of our family. He believes the sky is the limit. One day, Jesse came up with the idea to take the next level in the world of print. We already prove our Premium quality in Belgium, so spreading our love of paper and ink into the rest of the world was a logical next step.