3 reasons why you should choose Spot Raised business cards


1) Impress with your print

Your print is often your first introduction to your target group. How do you ensure that a conversation ensues? With 3D Varnish, you already have one foot in the door. As the name says, with this new technique you can apply a three-dimensional layer of varnish to your printed matter. The result not only looks good, you also create a unique experience for the fingers. Because 3D Varnish creates a relief on the paper, which guarantees extra attention from your reader. 

2) Give your logo, text or image a glamorous accent

A subtle detail on your business card? Spot raised varnish is the icing on your cake. You can highlight your logo or add a stylish transparent pattern from your branding that puts the finishing touch on your card. Want to highlight an element of your branding without it being as obtrusive as a spot of ink? A transparent layer of Spot raised varnish is what you need. And the best thing about this is that you can easily use different thicknesses.

3) Distinguish yourself with class

3D Varnish offers unique opportunities to make your print - and therefore your company or brand - stand out above other communications. Can you imagine the admiring glances you will receive when you give out your business card with 3D Varnish?

One example says more than a thousand words

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